Big deal!

It was a very successful day on Saturday, December 12th – it was like we were given a big x-mas present in advance: We went to the national show at Kassel with our champion Kordes Ostine Isabell. But she was not only successful at the Kerry’s ring where she went BOB but even in the finals.
More than 3000 dogs were announced at the show. For “Best in Show” only one of them was able to go for. Three judges from three different countries, Mrs. Petik from Hungary (she judged the BOB before), Mrs. Möller-Sieber from Germany (she judged FCI group 3) and Mrs. Mach from Switzerland decided Kordes Ostine Isabell being the best out of all (Best in Show). We are so excited!

middle: Kordes Ostine Isabel (BIS)

Double at Bundessieger 2010

We had a very successful weekend at the end of October when the Bundessieger-show in Dortmund/Germany takes place. These days we were showing ourKordes Ostine Isabel and Bardo's Gustav. Both of them were as fit as a fiddle at the show. So even both of them went Bundessieger 2010 - Isabel at the bitches class and Gustav at the dogs champion class. Gustav became BOB in the end - by the way he is Bundessieger the second time in a row. We are totally happy!

Bundessiegerin 2010 Kordes Ostine Isabel and Bundessieger 2010 Bardos Gustav (BOB)


Bardo's Gustav went for second prize at the Klubsieger Zuchtschau 2010 in Bensheim Germany

Europasieger in Dortmund (Germany)!

On May 9th annual Europasieger-Zuchtschau - one of the two biggest dog shows opened its doors. In the groupe of Kerrys also our Bardo's Gustav was shown in the ring - this he made very successfully. Also judge Kerstin Buss (DE) agreed and Gustav went for the Europasieger 2010 and in the end also for BOB.

Europasieger 2010: Bardo's Gustav

Good startup into new season!

At the beginning of the season Bardo's Gustav was successful again at the special show "Rhönpforte" (DE). In the champion class he went for excellent 1, got the CAC and went BOB. With these result he has now met the requirements für German KfT-Champion. Altogether a good start into 2010.

Bardo's Gustav

International Show in Wels (AT)

A pretty nice present one day before St. Nicholas' Day – Bardos Gustav went for CACIB at the show hence he met the requirement for International Champion.

Also Kordes Acacia Blossom went for a CACA so she also met the requirement for the Austrian Champion and she was honored for the Austrian Clubchampion this day – altogether a very good weekend for the kennel of Bardo's.

At this point we also want to thank Mr. Theo Braun for the special handling of our dogs.

Ernst Meyer, Karl Uhl, Rocco Andorfer: Kordes Acacia Blossom Klubchampion A 2009

Lucky is the Danskwinner 2009

On November 8th 2009 our Bardo's Gustav (Lucky) went for Danskwinner 2009. He is also Danish Champion now.

Bundessieger-Show 2009 – We got it!

As every year in October the annual Bundessieger-Show in Dortmund (Germany) takes place. This year the Kerrys could be seen on October 18th in the ring and also our Bardos Gustav (Lucky) was “ready to rumble”. He was starting in Open Class and Judge Dr. Würgatsch realized him as the best there hence he was going for the Bundessieger 2009. Above this he also succeeded when competing Best of Breed.

Bardos Gustav (Lucky) Bundessieger 2009, Handling Karl Uhl, Judge Dr. Peter Würgatsch, Picture: Theo Braun

Huge success at World Dog Show 2009

From 8th until 11th October the World Dog Show 2009 happened at Bratislava (Slovakia). For Amy it was worth the trip because she could show herself on really big international stage.

Everybody was very excited and she had to compete with more than 100 Kerrys who were announced at the show - and 8 of them were in her junior class. There was great excitement but this was worth it. The Japanese judge Awashima Izumi made Amy going for Best of her class - so now she is Junior World Winner 2009!


Junior World Winner Kordes Ostin Isabell, Judge Awashima Izumi (JAP), Handling Karl Uhl Picture: Theo Braun

Successful weekend in Thuringia

All judges at the Possen (DE) had the same opinion about Amy: She is the best (see picture above). Hence she was nominated Best in Show. And this in fact was only the grand finale of a successful weekend at the beginning September in Thuringia, because the Possen brought good luck before. On the day before Luck (Bardos Gustav) was doing well already. He went – above winning his own class – Best in Group III and also at the Thüringen Cup we went for second place. Altogether is was a very successful weekend for us.

left: Bester Group III Bardos Gustav;    right: BIS Kordes Ostine Isabell


A new Champion again…

At the end of June 2009 our kennel was successful at a show weekend again. This time we entered a show called Klubsieger Österreich in Gross Enzersdorf (Austria).

Amy, who started in junior class, achieved an exc. 1 given by judge Mrs. Ehold (AT) so she went Jungend Klubsieger Österreich 2009.

Jenna was shown in open class and during play-off she was successful too hence she went the title of Klubsieger Österreich 2009. Going along with the achieved CACA she is also Austrian Champion now. But this wasn't all: During show she could also was able to stand up to the BOS dog and in the end she went BOB.

left to right: BOS Gellent Hof Gendzhi Darling, BOS & BOB Kordes Acacia Blossom


New Champion

We are proud to present the new junior champion KfT & VDH of our kennel. Kordes Ostine Isabell (Amy) has been met the requirement by going for junior BOB at the internat. show Neumünster.

Also Bardo's Lucky took a back seat to Amy and convinced the judge of being the best – hence BOB.

Kordes Ostine Isabell (Amy)


Good result

Again Kordes Ostine Isabell (Amy) inspired the judges. During Easter on Saturday (11.04.09) in Obernkirchen (Germany) she was going for her second junior CAC. Also she went for Best Junior in Show.

Kordes Ostine Isabell (Amy)


Promising fellow by kennel Bardo's

This little one is Bardo's Itsch of Blue Light. He was born on February 3rd 2009. His parents are father Bardos Gustav and mother Kordes Acacia Blossom. We are really looking forward to his interesting developement.

Bardo's Itsch of Blue Light


New year - new success

Bardo’s Gustav and the newcomer Kordes Ostine Isabell (Amy) were starting the new year successfully. Despite class' competition she was able to convince the judge. Also Bardo's Gustav was able to go for BOB as he did last year.

Successful 2008

Bardo’s Gustav completed the year 2008 successful again. At the last two show in Kassel (Germany) he was presenting himself very well again. At the one international show on Sunday 7th Dec. he even went for the 3rd place in FCI Group III. We are already looking forward to the next “show-year” but now it’s time for x-mas holidays.


BOB-Hat Trick

Bardo's Gustav has the Hat Trick - 3 times in series he went for BOB and in the competition for the "Best breeding dog of Hesse" he went for the title. Congratulations "Lucky"!


"Lucky Lucky"

Lucky has been our dog Lucky (Bardo´s Gustav) at the IHZ in Hanover (DE). At the show he was presenting himself great again hence he went for his first CACIB and also got the BOB.

Bardo's Gustav


Best in Show

Our promising fellow Bardo´s Gustav was particularly successful on the last weekend. On a show in Dernbach (DE) he convinced all the judges of being the BEST IN SHOW (BIS). We are proud of you, Gustav.

Bardo's Gustav


Double success in two classes!

One of the most important shows in the German Kerry scene is the Klubsieger-Zuchtschau in Bensheim. This year the dogs were judged by the Finnish Mrs. Karin Bergbom. 22 out of 24 announced dogs showed up in the ring. Besides our champion bitch Kordes Acacia Blossom our youngest Bardo's Gustav showed up in males junior class - successfully because in the end he went Klubjugendsieger 2008.

In champion class glory continued. Our Unsere Kordes Acacia Blossom went for the title Klubsieger 2008 too and she was even judged for BOB. Altogether a very successful day for Bardo's.

Klubsiegerin Kordes Acacia Blossom

Klubjugendsieger Bardo's Gustav


International and national show in Erfurt (Germany)

This year Lucky did it the same way! As Jenna last year on both show days he went BOB and even 2nd in FCI groupe III, hence he was second best in show.

With these results Lucky is now becoming German KfT- and VDH-Juniorchampion.

Bardo's Gustav


going BOB despite keen competition

Bardo's Gustav made it again. This time it was a keen competition at the show Kurhessensieger in Gudensberg Germany. Judge Mr. Berghäuser was hand-picking the Kerrys on May 18th. Despite the 7 competitors Lucky (Bardo's Gustav) did not concede the election and he went BOB. In the end he was even judged for the Best Junior of Show.

successful again: Bardo's Gustav


Gustav successful

Bardos' Gustav was around on show again at the end of March – and he succeeded. At Kamen-Heeren he was judged for excellent 1 in junior class by Mrs. Ilse Freerksen. 6 Kerrys were announced at the show.

successful Gustav


Big appearance in Denmark!

Now when the puppies are away the success keeps going on… Kordes Acacia Blossom (Jenna) was able to follow the show success after her "parental leave". In Denmark she took part at two shows very successful so she became Danish Champion.

successful weekend for Jenna in Denmark


First success for Gustav !

Bardo's Gustav was presenting himself successfully at the CACIB-show in Kassel (Germany). It gave us a great pleasure when he went for his first title. In junior class he was judged for the "Junior CAC" by judge Mr. Eggerking. Overall 12 Kerrys took part the the show from Dec. 8th until 9th.

Bardo's Gustav and Karin Uhl

Titel for Jenna !

Kordes Acacia Blossom (Jenna) got the last points for the title "Deutscher Champion KfT" on first weekend of September. At two shows she went exc. 1 and once even BOB.

Kordes Acacia Blossom: Champion Kft & VDH, Europasieger 2007
father: Multi Ch. Opus de Chapeau Terrier, mother: Multi Ch. Kordes Prima Donna

We have a new champion!

It was a big day for Kordes Unique Future (Mac) in Besancon (France). On June 15th he went for the CACIB at this international dog show. Also he was judged for “Best of Breed” (BOB) by M. Leblond André. Mac’s success didn’t seem to end as he also won the FCI group III in the end.

Due to this CACIB-winning now he is “International Champion”. We are so proud about that and at this point we may use the opportunity to thank Mr. Theo Braun (picture) for his professional handling of our dog Mac.

Jenna is the "Europasieger 2007"

Kordes Acacia Blossom (Jenna) went for it: On first weekend of May she stood up to three opponents in her class und in the end she was judged by Mrs. Sobkowska for Europasieger 2007 Dortmund – her new title.

Before in April she was presenting herself great at all shows too. Five times she showed up that month and all the time she went BOB and best in group even once!